Commercial, Creative & Event Services

We are a full service video production agency specializing in sales and marketing videos, customer story testimonials, web campaigns, commercials, corporate communications, legal demonstrations and analysis, motion graphics, and animation.


Creative, Commercial & Live Event Photography


Our award-winning photography has a depth of experience with creative and commercial services. Our work has been featured by CNN, BBC, the Verge, Huffington Post, Mashable, and NBC News among others.

We provide a variety of live event photography services that have been used to capture events for world-wide coverage. Clients served: Virgin Galactic, U.S. House of Representatives, the State of New Mexico and more.


Recording, Mixing & Mastering


From radio, television and online branding creative, our studios have produced work that has been used to help give a voice to brands who needed to reach a targeted audience.

Have and idea for a podcast? Want to be on iTunes and Stitcher? We can help you with the process! Want to check out our own podcast? Subscribe to the LNG Podcast today.

As for musicians, our studios provide an intimate atmosphere that allows local artists to create and grow in their musical talents. We provide practice, recording and mastering opportunities.