Looking For Actors!

LNG, an award-winning production company, is looking for actors of all genders, ethnicities, and ages for stock video. The campaign’s footage will be used worldwide in relation to topical issues that are relevant and controversial. Actors must be willing to have their likeness and image used in a variety of media platforms.

There are many pros and and a few cons to modeling and acting for stock video. Here a few of them:


  • Build your portfolio
  • No experience required
  • Work on your craft through a variety of settings and emotions


  • You never know where your image may be used
  • It may interfere with future bookings if your image is used in favor of a conflicting product

If you are willing to build your portfolio and work on your craft in a variety of different settings and emotions we would be happy to work with you! Please email or call us with your interest at video@thelngcompany.com or 575-541-3328. 

Here is an example of one of our top selling stock video clips: