Everyone Who Comes Gets A Free Allen Theatres Movie Pass!


Everyone who comes gets a Free Allen Theatres Movie Pass!

WHO: The LNG Company & Allen Theatres

WHAT: Promo Photography for New Theater Seating

WHEN: Friday, November 17th, 2017 from 8 AM – 10AM

WHERE: Telshor 12 Theater, 2811 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011

Allen Theatres is looking to help promote their newly renovated theaters that feature new seating that makes for a more comfortable experience.

We’re getting photos of people enjoying the new theater experience, so we’re looking to fill up an auditorium to show everyone enjoying the show.

Everyone who attends will receive a free movie pass.

To help the marketing apply to all types of people, we’re looking for some individuals and groups to help with the following:

· Families

· Group of Women in their 20’s (Romance & Rom Com's)

· Group of Men in their 20’s (Guy’s Night Out)

· Couples in High School (Date Night)

· Couples in their 20’s

· Couples in their 30’s and older

· Seniors

· Seniors with Grandkids

If you’re interested and available for the entire time of the shooting, please contact The LNG Company.

Email video@thelngcompany.com or call 575-640-2227.







Now Hiring: Studio + Project Coordinator

LNG is now hiring a Studio + Project Coordinator who likes to be a part of a team but can also work independently in the fast-paced environment of a creative agency. An interest in marketing and communications is a plus. We work with high-level clients and community leaders - including New Mexico State University, Memorial Medical Center, Virgin Galactic, Organ Mountain Outfitters, and more - who have high expectations and strict deadlines.


Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • 40 Hours a Week


  • Starting pay will be based on experience


  • Hours and pay to be re-evaluated after 90 Days


Basic Functions: To manage overall projects and communication with our team and clients. Must be able to handle both external and internal projects while setting clear deadlines and expectations.


  • Support Creatives in their daily tasks
  • Assign & Manage Tasks
  • Working with the team to track, analyze and communicate project status to the client
  • Working with clients on budget and reporting to bookkeeper on billable hours
  • Overseeing procurement of materials and permits
  • Coordinating projects from inception to completion
  • Developing and briefing material for the team
  • Track and report project progress
  • Update documentation
  • Communicate with Creative Director on overall processes and deliverables.


Desired Areas of Expertise:

Project Management

Planning, Directing, Organizing project work

Schedule Management

Quality Assurance

Procurement Management

Documentation Management


Skills and Abilities:

Effective Time Management



Highly Organized

Team Player

Process Oriented

Ability to communicate effectively, including writing skills

Analytical thinking



Experience Needed:

Proven experience of participating in projects as project coordinator or project management assistant,

Evaluation and report writing

Experience of working effectively with a team

Experience of delivering training at a variety of levels

Experience in planning and schedule management


Resources we use: Adobe CC, Trello, Slack & Google


Now Hiring - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

LNG is now hiring an office manager/bookkeeper who likes to be apart of a team but can work independently in a fast paced environment of a creative agency. An interest in marketing and communications is a plus as we work with high level clients and leaders who require high expectations and strict deadlines. (New Mexico State University, Memorial Medical Center, Virgin Galactic, Organ Mountain Outfitters, and more.)

- 40 Hours a Week

- Starting pay (Salary negotiable based on experience)

- Hours and pay to be re-evaluated after 90 Days

Basic Function: The bookkeeper position creates financial transactions and creates financial reports from that information. The creation of financial transactions includes posting information to accounting journals or accounting software (QuickBooks Online) from such source documents as invoices to customers, cash receipts, and supplier invoices. The bookkeeper also reconciles accounts to ensure their accuracy. Also the role will entail basic office administrative tasks and project management co-ordination.

Please send resume to info@thelngcompany.com 

We want to share your story!

We are looking for local stories around our community to document and share with one another. Do you or someone you know have an interesting story that you would like to share? Do you know of a business in the community that you would like to highlight? Do you love the outdoors and would like someone to document your experiences of mountain biking or climbing? Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you and share your story!

Casting Call + Music Video

Casting Call for upcoming music video for the Earth Brothers new album Experience Holds the Depth. 

The LNG Company is seeking an actor, male, 20 or older to play a manual worker who stumbles upon an unfamiliar world. Non-speaking role.

This is not a paid role. Non-union. Everyone involved with this project is working for recognition only.

Shooting dates have yet to be set, but will need to be 2 days between March 14th and 24th in Las Cruces. We can work around your schedule.

The actor will need to hike a trail, about 3 miles with a gradual, 500ft incline, to reach one of the shoot locations.

Please send headshots to aaron@thelngcompany.com

Go Chase the Night

The Organ Mountains are where I go to be alone. I go to talk with God and meditate on my prayers. I go to ask questions about what I don't understand. To find the peace in the wind that rolls down the mountain and onto my face. The cool air upon my tongue, as my ears listen intently to my surroundings. These feelings that hold us back. That fight us to go quietly into the night. They disappear as my heart tells me, "Go chase the night".

- Chris Lang

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